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5 Text Messages We Guarantee She’ll Love!

text messagesSend Her Text Messages She Will Love

So let’s presume you have met a Canadian woman online and things are going really well. You had a bunch of lengthy conversations online, and since you figured out how to be sincere online things really picked up. We all know that adult dating online can be a tricky thing to navigate. I can never tell what a woman really wants, and there are always so many options that it can be pretty hard to be yourself online. I’ve always found that being sincere online is the best way to go, but everyone has to figure out what works best for them. When it comes to online dating tips, all I can say is that you need to learn how to be sincere, and try to get her number as fast as possible so that you can take your communications to the next level. Once you guys are texting, then things get really interesting because you can interact with her whenever you want and show her how much you care. So let’s take a look at 5 of the best text messages you can send her that she will just love. Nothing means more than randomly receiving text messages of love or romance or just interest. They really go a long way. You don’t have to worry what to text her though – just take a look at this list.

Text Messaging

Because it’s so hard to figure out how to be sincere online, once you get to text message with her things will get a lot easier.

Text Message # 1:

“Rise and shine buttercup!”

This is a light and humorous text that brightens her day in the morning and sets a nice tone for the rest of her day. Sending little reminder texts like this is one of the key dating tips that works for me. I know that when I send an early morning text to my girlfriend she will respond right back and we actually get into some nice conversations about our day and anything else. Keeping you in her mind is important, and that means communicating with her in the surprising intimate moments of the morning. Even better is if you have spent the night together but you had to leave early for work. Then you send a little message like this and she wakes up to it and smiles. It’s a little sign that you care, and she will really appreciate the sentiment.

Text Message #2:

“I just wanted to say that I love feeling your soft silky skin against me. You’re a real angel.”

This text message is an example of a kind of sexy, but ultimately more seductive kind of phrase that really get’s her going. Anything to remind her of the great sex you are having will be helpful, especially if you can be subtle and soft in how you talk about it. She will just melt inside when you text her this one.

Now it should be said that this kind of text message might not go over so well with a more badass kind of chick that does not want to be equated with an angel – so consider your options and send the right kind of message to the right kind of lady. That’s another dating tip that will go a long way for you. You need to adapt your language and text with her in way that she will like. If you don’t do this then there will be little for you to work on with her.

Text Message #3:

“That sex was amazing.”

Sometimes getting right to the point goes alot farther than something romantic and warm. Let her know how much you dig her moves in the sack, and she will probably say the same to you, so that’s a dating tip that works for both. If you are ever not sure what to text her, this is a good one to start with.

Text Message #4:

“Hey great seeing you last night, let’s hang soon”

Something casual to keep you in her thoughts is always a good idea. This goes hand in hand with another dating tip: don’t ignore her or miss any of her texts or calls. I know that whenever I miss a call my girlfriend get’s pissed off. That’s why it’s easier to navigate adult Canadian dating sites, because everything happens when you want it too.

Text Message #5:

“I’m so glad I found an amazing women like you.”

This is a clincher if you want to take your relationship to the next level. This also comes along with another dating tip: only say these kinds of things if you are really sure that you want to date this women for years.