5 Dating Tips for Shy Men

dating shy menBest Dating Tips for Shy Men

Think About Trying Speed Dating

One of the best dating tips for men who are shy is to look into speed dating. When you read about different best first dates tips for men you will see that speed dating is often mentioned. This is especially good for shy guys because you only have a limited amount of time with each date. This means that you only scratch the surface and do not have to get too personal with each of your dates. The best dating tips for men will also tell you that when you do try speed dating, that you want to put more of the focus on her and this is another plus for guys who are shy.

Do Not Overthink What Women Want

When you are looking at dating tips for men, you probably have read something about not overthinking what women want. Most women just want to meet a nice guy that they can have fun with. Do not overthink things like what you are wearing or what material things you have to offer. Put your focus on simply being yourself and treating her with respect. At the end of the day, these are the two most important things.

Find More Female Friends

Dating tips for shy men often involve encouraging men to build more friendships with women. Ideally, these will be women that you only want a friendship with so that you can build trust. Having female friends to help you with your adventures in dating is an invaluable resource. They will give you tips and share their own stories about the dating tips that they find to be the most effective. Your female friends also serve as a source for women that you might want to date. Do not be afraid to see if any of your trusted female friends are willing to set you up with one of their friends and offer information on how to impress their friends.

Work on Improving Your Confidence

One of the most important tips for dating is to work on your confidence. Remember that women are naturally attracted to men who are confident and love who they are. This will not happen overnight, so it is important to be patient with yourself. The first step in building confidence is evaluating the parts of your life that you love and working to expand on these. The opposite is also true because you want to evaluate the things you are not happy with and make plans to improve them. When you are happier with your life, you are naturally more confident.

Put the Focus on Her

To get her interested, make sure that you put the focus on her. This will be especially helpful if you feel awkward talking about yourself. She will be talking about herself and sharing information and you can occasionally interject with information about yourself. Make sure that when you do get that first date that you choose a place in Hamilton, New Zealand that also allows you to be around other people and be active. This allows you both to focus on each other, but gives you other things to focus on too so that things do not get too intimate too fast.