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If you want to live a successful life then you need to continue to be yourself. Most of us spend a majority of our day acting and doing things intentionally with the sole purpose of getting someone else’s approval. One needs to realize that this is a major problem in almost all parts of the world, but there really aren’t any worthwhile or long term benefits of acting like someone that you are not. There is no need to sellout on what you believe and the principles that you prefer to follow, just because you want to get ahead in life. This is not the way to achieve success in life because somewhere down the line you will look back at when you behaved in a way that other people approved, regardless of how you felt about it.

Everyone has the ability to take orders from others and get a specific job done. However, you cannot really think of this as being success. Success can be defined as achieving a positive result after you initiated the problem solving process and came up with possible results. Success is doing something that you know is good for you. It is guiding yourself towards a result, rather following the instructions that you have been ordered to follow. While working, it is totally understandable that at some point in time you will have to act the way other people want you to or think you should. However, this period of taking orders and acting how other people want you to only last a couple of months, but most people let this go on for so much longer. Me, I have success after cheating my wife. After my free trial on married dating sites.

To give you a simple example, just look at the people who are on top of you. They do not take orders or act like puppets. They do what they think is best for themselves and the organization. It is very likely that they also went through a period of not acting naturally, but they put a stop to it after a certain period of time had passed. If you let people run all over you and shortchange yourself, then you can expect a monotonous life, both professionally and personally. You will turn into the scapegoat of the organization and everyone will look to blame you for everything that goes wrong. It is vital to stand up for yourself and let everyone know that you are your own man and have the right to make your own decisions and act in whatever way you want.

You have to be yourself and there is no better ‘guru’ or guidance to follow than what you feel and know inside. If you want to meet others girls or boys; Go For It! You can subscribe on Sex Personal Ads Sites This does not assure you a problem-free life, but it would be a life in which you will have no regrets about a certain decision you make or a specific way you behave. When people finally figure out that you have what it takes to be your own, then people will start to take you a little more seriously.

Male Psychology- The key to understanding men

Understanding menIt has been rightly said that Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. Who can understand what men want? What their mind games, thought processes actually mean? Every woman in a relationship with a man is faced with this never-ending dilemma. To gain valuable insights into the male species it is important to look at men from a different angle than women, look at the way they respond, their priorities and their thought processes. One of the biggest mistakes made by a woman is her manner of responding to a man, this can lead to many complications. Understanding men is the key to maintaining a healthy stable relationship no matter what kind it may be.

For greater understanding of the complex male species, it is essential to understand the male psychology and see why they act the way they do. Every woman feels that men want the epitome of perfection when they are looking for their ideal but this is not exactly true. Men preferring serious commitment often look for the ideal woman that will help them achieve their goals and provide them greater happiness through continued love and support. As they usually do not openly access their feelings as well as the opposite sex, majority of men want a girl by their side that will make them feel good about themselves and spruce up their confidence. Women who put their man above all others and follow their heart are also most attractive to men and helps in maintaining a strong relationship.

Self-respect of a woman in a man’s eyes is of utmost importance, if she is able to convey an image of confidence and respect then it is more likely that her man will regard her as a thing of value and strongly protect and cherish her at all costs. Ability to understand the feelings of a man as different from a woman’s is crucial to understanding a man’s nature. There are some universal truths about men that women must be aware off. Firstly men prefer not to be constantly asked to justify their emotions, thus it is preferable not to ask for continuous reassurances. Rather than having long drawn out intense brawls with women, men prefer a compromise to be reached and prefer women who are soft spoken rather than those who are harsh and loud without a shred of femininity.

The key to understanding men lies in the understanding of their swirling emotions, thus women need to know when to push and when to withdraw. Thus after a long and hard quarrel it is preferable to leave men alone for some time and let them rethink a situation rather than constantly prod about the situation. When men are more upset, they are likely to put their attention on other females and thus should not be pushed too far. Another important thing for women to realize is that their questioning over sensitive matters is likely to get them honest and in some cases hard answers, thus it is preferable to leave some topics unsaid. Moreover the recent trend of getting into activities like tobacco consumption and alcohol does not make women more attractive to the opposite sex but portrays them in a negative light rather than a positive one. Thus it is extremely important to understand the male psyche before taking any steps to capture attention.